Melbourne Golf Cup

We are organising ‘Melbourne Golf Cup’ at Long Island Golf Club. This tournament is for our members from 20 to 60 years. All the members can invite their family and close friends to this event, where they have to enjoy delicious food and drinks. The winner will get several exciting prizes from the sponsors.


MWG Championship

Melbourne Women Golf Championship’ is for the age group between 20 and 60 years. It is one of the biggest events that we organise every year. Several experienced members of the club participated in this championship to make it a grand event. If you want to participate in such competitions, become a member of our club.


Victoria Golf Tournament

Another important event that we organise at Long Island Golf Club is Victoria Golf Tournament. It is a five-day event that takes place in various golf clubs across Victoria, including our club. Various golfer of different age groups participates in this tournament. The winner gets hefty prize money, and the event gets covered by various media houses of Melbourne and Victoria.


Junior Golfer

As the name suggests, the ‘Junior Golfer’ even is for kids who are between 14 to 20 years. We organise the event for the young so he kids can get motivated and take the serious from an early age. We have experienced golfers who provide coaching to the youngsters and prepare them for such competition. The winner of the competition gets golf accessories from top brands along with prize money.


MMG Open

Melbourne Men’s Golf Open’ is organised in the mid of March where players between the age of 21 and 60 years participate. The event gets a lot of sponsors, so the prize money is big. Club members from various parts of Melbourne participated in the event and got covered by local media. The beauty of this even is that members who are not professional also participate.


Senior Citizen Championship

We also organise an event, particularly for the senior citizens. People who are between 50 and 60 years participate in this competition. Our senior participants get a lot of motivation from their close friends and family members who come to cheer for the participants. The winner of the championship gets a hefty amount of prize money.


Golf Coaching for Amateurs

In this event, we are inviting several experienced golf players. They will share their experienced, knowledge and tricks with seasoned and amateurs. It will help our members to know about the game in a much better manner. We organise this event for our members only and try to make it colourful by adding music, food and drinks.


Long Island Golf Competition

It is another excellent event that is organised by the management of the Long Island Golf club. The main objective of this event is to spread happiness and excitement among the members. So we organise the event that has several friendly games, music, dance, food, and drinks. We make sure that all our members spend some quality time. In this event, we do not allow outsiders.


Junior Melbourne Championships

This is another event for the young golfers that we organise in Long Island Golf Club. Any of our members and kids of the members between the age of 10 and 20 years can participate in this competition. The Championship is supervised by experienced golf players who ensure that all the rules are correctly followed.


Corporate Golf Open

We are organising the ‘Corporate Golf Open’ in the month of April. In this event, we will invite various companies from Melbourne and other parts of Victoria. Their employees will participate on the event to represent their company. After the two days event, the winner will receive prize money as well as a three-day, two-night vacation.

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