Ways To Improve Your Short Game

Imagine finding a beautiful golf course where you can enjoy a friendly game and tee off in style. This can be a reality if you pick a good golf course where you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings while playing a good golf game. It is a good idea to join a golf club in Melbourne as these clubs have excellent golf courses where you can practice and hone your skills. Joining a club will also help you meet more experienced golfers who will help you with some good golfing tips. If you are not sure what kind of golf course to look for, here are some factors that will help you out:

1. Is The Course Available?

It would be best if you always started by checking the availability of the golf course you want to play on. If the golf course is always booked for corporate and private events, you might not get ample time to practice your golfing techniques. This is why joining a golf club in Melbourne is a good idea as you not only get access to various courses, but you will also be able to create your schedule for the courses since you are a member of the club.

2. Look At The Surroundings

It is always nice to play in an area with scenic beauty all around, and this is an excellent way to choose a golf course in Melbourne. You can look at the various courses and see the one that has a nice view of the beaches and sunny landscapes to have a beautiful experience playing your game of golf.

3. Check Its Condition

It is essential to have a well-maintained golf course when you are practising your game of golf so that you can hone your skills well. Here are some factors that will help you check the condition of the golf course:
  • You must first check if the greens are in good shape and well-kept.
  • Next, look at the pathways and see if they are clear and not dirty.
  • Most golf clubs in Melbourne maintain their greens well and keep the pathways clean so that you can play a good game of golf.
  • Besides the greens and pathway, check the fairways' condition and see if it is clean and accessible.

4. What Are The Prices Like?

You should also look at how affordable the golf courses are and check the prices for peak tee times and off-peak tee times to compare different courses. It is a good idea to join a golf club in Melbourne as you will get a comprehensive membership package with discounted rates and easy access to golf courses.

5. Is It Challenging?

If you want to keep learning and advancing your golf game, you must choose a challenging golf course. Here are some tips to help you do this:
  • First, check to see if there are a variety of holes. For instance, check to see if there is just a straight and long hole or a curved hole with many bunkers and waterways.
  • You should also look at the positioning of the greens and the fairways so that the course can be more challenging. The more obstacles you find in the path of the hole will make it more challenging to play on.
  • Many Melbourne golf clubs have varied and challenging golf courses that will help you develop your golfing skills and will take your game to the next level.


There are many different factors to look at when picking a golf course, but ultimately you should pick one where you are most comfortable playing and can improve your game of golf.

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