Ways To Improve Your Short Game

Have you always been fascinated by the game of golf but never had the time to learn it? Golf is an exciting and skilful game where you learn how to tee off in style and be more patient and driven. You can always start learning the basics of golf by going for lessons at a golf club in Melbourne, where expert and nuanced golfers will guide you through the entire process. If you want to know more about these basics of golf, here are a few tips for you:

1. Choose The Right Equipment

You must have the right kind of equipment to start playing golf. Here are some tips on where to get your first set of golf clubs:
  • If you have any used golf clubs, you can start working with them to learn golf basics.
  • You can also buy used clubs or old golf clubs online.
  • It would be best to opt for cavity iron golf clubs with larger heads that make it easier to hit the ball.
  • It is good to play with used golf clubs for at least 3-5 years until you understand the game better and can play with more advanced clubs.

2. Know The Rules

Golf is a very disciplined game and has many rules that you must follow. You can learn these rules at a golf club in Melbourne or by playing with experienced golfers. Here are some of the basic rules you can learn about golf:
  • When you start playing golf, you will notice that each course has many holes. The standard amount of holes on a golf course is 18.
  • Now, on every hole, you will get a certain amount of strokes to hit the ball into the hole, which is called the Par.
  • You will have a Par range from 3-5, which is added up for every hole and determines your total score.
  • If the hole has a range of Par 5, and you take six attempts to hit the ball in the hole, you will be hitting a bogey.
  • If you match the Par range with the number of times you hit the golf ball into the hole, it is called Par.
  • If you hit the ball in one shot less than the Par range, it is called a Birdie.
  • Also, if you hit the ball in two shots less than the Par range, it is known as an Eagle.

3.Follow The Instructions

Now that you know the rules, it is time to follow the basic instructions when you start playing. Experts at Melbourne golf clubs recommend following these basic instructions:
  • Always hit your ball from behind the tee markers on the pitch, which are drawn with significant bright markers on the ground.
  • In the beginning, the tee markers will be closer to the hole, but as you become more skilled, the tee markers will move further away from the hole.
  • Once you and your competitors reach the green tee point, the person whose ball is furthest away from the hole will hit it first.
  • If you hit the ball in a water area or out of play, you get a one-stroke penalty and can then place the ball in the area that you were in previously.

4.Practice Makes Perfect

According to professional golfers, the best way to learn golf is to keep practising. You should join a golf club in Melbourne and take lessons from experienced golfers who will show you the basics and help you advance slowly. Also, you should practice your short game on the green area first and follow the 80/20 rule for this, where you spend 80% of your time practising your short game and 20% on everything else. You should use clubs that you are comfortable with to practice your short game and keep trying to reduce your Par level on each hole.


Golf basics will help you understand and learn the game before you advance to more experienced levels.

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