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Long Island Golf Club

Established more than a few decades ago, Long Island Golf Club in Melbourne, VIC, is recognised as one of the leaders in Australian golf. With a proactive and progressive approach, we continue to operate as one of the premier golfing facilities in Melbourne, now ranked inside Australia’s top 15 golf courses. We are situated in the Shire of Mornington Peninsula. We have more than thousands of members of different age groups, which increase with each passing day.

Recent Events

  • 02 Jan
    Senior Golf Tournament
    10:00 am,
    Winner: Steve White
  • 22 Dec
    Men’s Golf Tournament
    10:00 am,
    Jack Robertson
  • 19 Dec
    Women’s Golf Tournament
    10:00 am,
    Amelia Anderson
  • 15 Dec
    Junior Golf Tournament
    10:00 am,
    Oliver Brown

Our Story

Long Island Golf Club in Melbourne, VIC, has become a great golfing destination because of the foresight of our founding members. These pioneers of Australian golf, with remarkable forethought, established an extraordinary golf course, complete with traditions and culture that has resulted in a unique combination of challenging golf and unrivalled fellowship among members. We continue to profit from their excitement and energy many decades later.

Our heritage-listed Clubhouse stands proud and has won numerous accolades. Long Island Golf Club is like no other and has one of the country’s most improved golf courses. We are ranked in the top 15 golf courses in the country according to various leading media houses. Like all renowned golf clubs in the country, we also offer various facilities to our members so that they have a great time.

Since the establishment of the club, it has witnessed an enthusiasm by golfers across the state to join. We are always humbled by our patrons and the interest of people who love the sport to join. Thus, we renew memberships and on board new members every year and sometimes every six months. We encourage you to explore more about us and our story before becoming a part of our fraternity. So, come visit the Long Island Gold Cub in Melbourne and see what all we have to offer besides share your passion for golfing. We guarantee a great and enlightening experience.

Facilities we Offer

At Long Island Golf Club, we provide an extensive range of facilities to our members. The facilities allow them to experience the best golf experience but also spend quality time. From the valet, coaching, dining room and bar, and locker room to free Wi-Fi, the golf shop, carts, and golf coaching, we offer every possible facility that the members will require. That is why we have thousands of members, and it is constantly increasing. We aim to make your golfing experience a memorable one and help you enjoy the most advanced facilities and measures to play a good game of golf. we provide you with some good trainers as well in case you want to develop and hone your golfing skills. We also allow our members to organise wedding parties and corporate events. Although the menu at our dining room and bar is fixed, we can make changes to it as per the requirements. If you want to enjoy the facilities that we offer, contact us and become a member of Long Island Golf Club. We will get back to you in no time and help you start the process of becoming a member of our club. Come join in the fun here and enjoy a good game of golf.

What Our Members Say

Long Island Golf Club is the best Golf club in Melbourne. It has the best golf course and also provides all kinds of facilities to the members. You must visit this place once

Mathew Maclaren

If you are looking for the best Golf club, then you should become a member at Long Island Golf Club, situated at the Shire of Mornington Peninsula.

Jamie Ryan

I would like to thank the entire management and staff of Long Island Golf Club. They organised my wedding party at the club a few weeks ago and did a fantastic job.

Samantha Brock

I have been a member of Long Island Golf Club for the last many years. It is an ideal place to play golf and spend some quality time with other members and your friends.

Martin Wright

Excellent project that helps discovering young talents and keep us healthy. Professional coaches and staff are doing great job!


We have Premium Quality Golf Accessories

You can find and purchase anything at our golf shop, right from golf clubs to gloves, equipment and clothing. All our accessories are made of high-quality materials, so they are durable and come in various attractive designs and sizes. We also offer special discounts for our members.

Why We Are The Best?

Golf Course
We have one of the best golf courses in Melbourne, Victoria. The courses that we have perfect balance playability and difficulty. When you play on our golf courses, you get the best experience. We have a massive team that maintain the beauty and quality of the courses. It is perhaps the biggest difference between our club and other clubs in this city
We also offer our members different facilities at the club that includes valet, coaching, dining room and bar, locker room, free Wi-Fi, the golf shop, carts and golf coaching. The main objective behind offering these facilities is to ensure that the members are happy and experience quality time at the club. If you are also interested in becoming a member of our club, then contact us today.
At Long Island Golf Club, we organise different types of events for men women of all age groups. We organise our events in different age groups that include the kids, men, women and seniors. Every month we organise some events, and thus we send our event calendar to all our members through email every once in three months.
We not only focus on providing the best golf course and facilities but also ensure that our club offers the membership at the best price. We keep our price reasonable that is why so many people across Melbourne want to join us. The coaching charges are also included in our membership fee while you have to pay a nominal charge for organising a party here.

Our Coaching Staff

Our seasoned golf coaches offer golf coaching and lessons for groups as well as individuals. Whether you are playing the game for the first time or have a little bit of experience, our seasoned and skilled golf coaches excellent lessons that will help you to improve yourself in all the essential aspects of your game. With decades of experience in this sport, our specialists can help even professionals to take their game to the next level.

Adam Smith

Adam is a seasoned golfer who has been playing golf for the last many years and has won many Melbourne and Victoria-

George Anderson

George is also a professional golfer and teaching how to play golf for the last five years. His friendly nature and skills have

Stacy Brown

Stacy is a young golfer who stays involved in various tournaments across the country but also takes out time to help

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