The Long Island Bowling Club was founded in July, 1962 with 14 female and 21 male Foundation Members and has grown to now have a membership approaching 200, with an age range of 12 to 95 years.

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As we proceed into the fifth decade, we pay tribute to the many members of the past 40 years for their dedication and sheer hard work in helping to create the club as we know it today.

Our clubhouse  in 1962 was a simple, 10  x 12 ft corrugated iron shed (a former Caddy Shed provided by the golf club). There was no running water or electricity . . . a vast difference from the modern facilities we enjoy today.

The club house today, with its attractive surrounds and facilities, including the refrigerated drinks cabinets, bar, two superb greens, kitchen and much more . . . All designed to make members as comfortable as possible, on and off the greens.

What would our Foundation Members have given even for the luxury of our two refrigerated water fountains.....great after working bees and on hot bowling days.