Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

Powered golf trolleys are quickly becoming popular among the golfers of today. The Benefits of a remote powered electric walking golf cart are many, the most obvious is it’s “healthy” when you finish walking 18 holes of golf you have actually covered about  5 miles, so you got a good walk in and improved your cardiovascular all while enjoying your favorite game.

As the awareness regarding environment and community friendly vehicles is increasing, the use of eco-friendly is high on everyone list.  Powered golf trolley’s are also considered to be  environment friendly or  “green” they don’t harm the environment  , so you can say your doing a small part in cleaning up our planet.  I actually believe over the next several years you will see these golf trolleys on every golf course. I see several just at my club alone.

Powered golf trolleys are the closest thing to having someone carry your golf bag for you. They can be pushed, pulled, walked beside, or directed using a remote control device.  I prefer walking  beside my power trolley  guiding it with my hand, you can set the speed that is comfortable for your pace by using the rheostat on the handle.  I generally use my remote at the green to move my cart beyond the green as I walk up to mark my ball and repair my ball mark. This way the cart is ready to move onto the next tee box once everybody has finish putting.

These golf trolleys have become extremely light weight over the recent years as well, so there must easier to transport to and from your home. They also fold to a very small package, so they can fit in almost any trunk along with your golf bag. They’re quite easy to assemble, most trolleys simply fold and latch. An with the recent improvements on batteries they’re very rugged and sturdy so you can carry your staff bag as I do and still get through 18 holes of golf with plenty of power.

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